EXCLUSIVE! Lily Allen reveals to Now that she’d love Harry Styles to cut all his gorgeous curls off


Harry Styles? Hi there! Yeah, so Lily Allen has a favour to ask of you. Please-and-thank-you-very-much.

Namely, Harry Styles of One Direction fame, for the love of fashion PLEASE shave your head!

Now magazine caught up with Lily Allen at Chiltern Firehouse in London on Wednesday, principally to talk all things #nailart and style.

But while we were chatting (NB Lily spilled some of the best beauty tips Now has EVER heard, more of that exclusive beauty ‘biz to come!) Lily Allen also mentioned that she has issues with Harry Styles‘ hairstyle.

When asked by Now if there’s anyone who Lily would love to give a beauty makeover to, she laughed: ‘Hah! That’s a bit leading isn’t it!? Um, Harry Styles – I would LOVE to cut all his hair off!’

Singer, LOL-ster (and friend of Harry Styles) Lily Allen is busy promoting her debut collaboration with Elegant Touch – and by jove is it incredible.

The designs pay homage to Lily Allen‘s hometown London as well as song titles from her album and fave holiday hotspot Ibiza.

She revealed: ‘Nail art is a huge part of my life and a vital part of my personal style. I love changing up my nails, sometimes three or four times a day.’

Now can confirm, she was really rather lovely actually – and it’s official, Lily Allen gives GREAT nail.

But what do YOU make of her plea to a certain Mr Harry Styles? Would you like to see him with a short back and sides or, heaven forbid, an all-over grade 3!?

OR do you love ol’ Harry-hairstyles-Styles just the way he is…?

Answers on an e-card, tweet us @Nowmag with #ShaveStyles #YAY or #NAY

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