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Harry Styles is almost THE heartthrob of our times, not just because of his dimples and smile, but also his impeccable fashion sense (who could forget that pearl earring at the Met Gala?) and those iconic, flowing locks.

Harry Styles at the 2019 Met Gala

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The former One Direction star recently left fans literally heartbroken when he “respectfully declined” to play Prince Eric in Disney’s upcoming remake of The Little Mermaid.

But he has given another reason for his fans to cry, as he has chopped off those lovely curls, leaving him looking like some kind of street urchin, or to put it another way, uncannily similar to Louis Tomlinson.

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A fan posted pictures of Harry posing with her parents in Italy, sporting his, er, interesting new do.

The picture accompanying the tweet said: “Soooo my dad just met harry in Italy…., cannot f*****g believe my eyes #HarryStyles”.

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She also followed up the tweet with a reminder that although the boy might be a bit of a national treasure, he still is a good egg at heart. She thanked him for being kind to her mum and dad, writing: “love u thankyou for being so lovely to my parents”.

One fan did not like the new look, writing: “I finally saw Harry Styles’ new haircut and he looks like every dirtbag freegan I knew in college and I’m mourning”.

Another had nothing good to say, commenting: “TBH I actually don’t like @Harry_Styles new haircut. Looks terrible. He should’ve just let it grow. Or just left it the way it was before.”

Some people, however, supported him, with a fan account writing Why is everyone hating on @Harry_Styles new hair style? like i think it’s really cute; actually he’ll always look good so yeah #spreadlove #TreatHarryWithKindness”.

Another wrote: “I love your new haircut!! You look like a rockstar (and that’s what you are)”.

Someone chimed in with: “I honestly love your new haircut. You look lovely darling. Hope you’re having a good time in Italy. Love you!”

People pointed out a similarity to a character in Netflix’s 80s show Stranger Things, with one fan writing: “please tell me i’m not the only one who thinks @Harry_Styles looks like charlie heaton”.

The similarity to former bandmate Louis Tomlinson was duly noted.

And finally, someone spotted a similarity with another pop singer, writing: “Is it normal that harry styles new haircut reminds me of elton john??

Err, jury is still out over here Hazza…

Words by Caitlin Butler.