Harry Styles has opened up about being stalked.

harry styles stalker

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The former One Direction singer has opened up about being stalked, as his stalker is issued with a restraining order.

Spanish national Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, who is homeless in London, has been found guilty of stalking the former boyband member and has been ordered to stay away from the singer.

The accused, who was spared jail time, has been sentenced to a 12 month community order that requires 30 days of rehabilitation and has to pay a fine of £335.

He has also been issued with restraining order that limits him from contacting Harry or from going within 250 metres of his residential and business addresses and any venue where he is performing.

Harry first came across Pablo back in March when he offered him money after seeing him sleeping rough in a bus stop near his home in Hampstead.

Speaking from behind a screen in Hendon Magistrates’ Court, Harry said, “I thought it was sad that someone so young, that anyone was sleeping rough at the bus stop when it was cold.

“I felt sorry for him.

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“That evening I pulled up in my car next to the bus stop and I offered him some money so that he could get a hotel or some food.”

After the accused reportedly asked Harry for edamame beans, the singer bought him a bag of food from a local café.

“I passed him the bag of food through the window,” continued Harry, “at which point he asked me whether I wanted to go to a restaurant to eat with him.

“I found it to be a little odd. Something about it, his facial expression made me feel uneasy and it was at this point I realised there was something not quite straightforward about this situation.”

The singer was advised by his security team not to make any more contact with Pablo, however he went on to appear outside the star’s home and in his local pub.

He was even seen using the star’s letterbox twice.

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“I felt sorry for him but at this point I felt very uncomfortable. It was the first time since living there I felt unsafe in my home.”

Things got worst for the star when Pablo intercepted him while he was out on a run and demanded money.

“I have employed a night guard,” said Harry, “which I never felt necessary before. I continue to lock my bedroom door at night.

“I find myself assessing my residence looking for any weak spots in it. I worry about it much more, I never felt that way before.”

“I would like him to get some help,” Harry added of the accused.

“I would also prefer to have no contact going forward with him, directly or indirectly. I would like to feel safe again.”