Girls Aloud star not comfortable getting intimate after cheat allegations

Cheryl Cole has told husband Ashley they won’t make love again for 6-months, claims a tabloid.

The Girls Aloud star has agreed to take the footballer back following allegations he cheated on her.

But she’s still refusing to get intimate.

‘Cheryl has told Ashley there will be no sex in their house for at least 6 months and, although he’s going to find it incredibly hard, he agreed to her terms,’ a source tells The Sun.

‘She wants Ashley to appreciate her and realise what he has got. But he’s a red-blooded fella and it’s not going to be easy.’

If Ashley, 27, can stick to the deal, Cheryl, 24, has agreed to renew their marriage vows at the end of summer.

‘When Cheryl took her vows she meant them, Ashley obviously didn’t — he’s got one more chance to get it right,’ adds the source.

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