The TV star and Football player's relationship gets serious

Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard, who’ve been dating for six months, are looking into working on Frank‘s growing west London property empire together.

‘It’s a chance for Christine to use her interior design skills,’ a source tells Now.

‘She’s saying they’d like to get a property in the Caribbean as a holiday home eventually.’

The couple are rarely apart but they still seem an unlikely duo to many.

Frank has a reputation for being more cultured and sharp-witted than most [footballers], but you can’t forget that his best mate is love rat John Terry.

The Chelsea star was filmed taking part in an orgy in Cyprus in 2000 and was caught out twice in the papers for apparently cheating on his ex Elen Rivas.

Frank‘s done a lot of growing up since his beloved mum Pat died two years ago,’ says Now’s insider. ‘He’s ready for a more mature kind of relationship.’

See the full story about Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley in Now magazine dated 24 May 2010 – out now!