Jesy Nelson is on cloud nine right now. Having just started dating musician Harry James, she should be in the first throes of a new relationship and all that comes with it.

But being in a global pop group comes at a price and tongues are already wagging about Jesy Nelson ‘s new beau.
Most significant in their criticism is his ex-girlfriend Gabrielle-Louise Dalligan, who claims that Harry James ended their two-year relationship by simply blocking her number.
Little Mix singer Jesy, 26, was spotted holding hands with 23-year-old Harry in Mykonos last month, proving she’s well and truly moved on from TOWIE star Chris Clark after a brief three-month fling.
A source said of Jesy and Harry’s sun-kissed Greek island break: ‘She looked very happy with him – they were completely smitten with each other, giggling and taking photos as they tried on sunglasses. He’s definitely Jesy’s type.’
But the comments made by Harry’s ex have sparked concern among her fans, who’ve been quick to vent their concerns on social media. One wrote: ‘I really hope Jesy isn’t dating Harry James.’ Another said: ‘If he does hurt Jesy then we can get truly angry.’ Yikes!
So is there heartache ahead for Jesy, or is Harry the man to make her smile again? After all, she hasn’t got the smoothest track record…
 Earlier this year, she was publicly humiliated when Chris, 23, ended their three-month romance before getting back together with his ex-girlfriend Amber Turner on TOWIE.
 Chris later blamed Jesy’s hectic schedule for the break-up, explaining: ‘Our relationship came at a difficult time because the band were touring America, so we mostly spoke on the phone. I didn’t understand why she was interested in me – I’m just someone from TOWIE. I always felt like second best to Jesy.’

And in December it was confirmed that Jesy’s 18-month relationship with Rixton frontman Jake Roche had come to an end, following his proposal in July 2015.

She later said: ‘When you break up with someone, it’s awful. Is it not one of the worst pains?’ It’s horrendous and we all need a sad song that you sit and cry to.’
Aww. Let’s just hope that Harry doesn’t become the inspiration for Little Mix’s next break-up anthem –  perhaps more for his sake than hers, though…