The gloves are on, and it gets VERY personal for Katie Hopkins...

She’s known for her razor tongue and lack of compassion, and this week on If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World she was no different. But Katie Hopkins also found herself being served a taste of her own medicine…
What was first on the agenda for Katie to crack down on? Well, public displays of affection, of course. Yes, this is the same Katie who was snapped in a field mid-romp! Apparently, Ms Hopkins is no fan of heavy petting – that’s a shocker!
Feminist Germaine Greer was the first to put Katie in her place, saying that she didn’t believe that Katie was caught, but that she called the paps herself.
True to form, Katie stood up for herself – literally – and said that she was proud of her sexual past and the rest of us need to be a bit more liberated. Oh Katie, you’re confusing us – didn’t you want to ban heavy petting a few minutes ago?
‘Do I regret what happened in that field? Absolutely not – that was a good day out!’ Katie declared. Reminiscing on her grassy encounter seemed to get her all fired up for the rest of the show, too.
Canadian comic Bobby Mair said that he would only peck his girlfriend in public, leading Katie to question whether his girlfriend was real – ouch!
His comeback wasn’t up to Katie’s acerbic standards – the best he could come up with was ‘If you can have a husband, I can have a girlfriend.’ WHAT?
Maybe he was saving a royal comeback for later, as the spat did NOT stop there between the pair. Bobby was scrolling through his phone when Katie quipped that he had an ugly phone face.
He took the opportunity to unleash this bizarre comeback: ‘Did I just get called ugly by Katie Hopkins? I could be a burn victim on every side of my body, but if people looked into your soul they’d vomit.’ OUCH!


Katie Hopkins hits out at her critics (again): ‘The only people who hate me are fat, Welsh, or stupid!’

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