Pills, booze, partying and a total meltdown in Paris - ugly whispers engulf the troubled star

Three trips to rehab haven’t prevented Lindsay Lohan from gorging on prescription pills and vodka to the point of total meltdown.

Even her dad said this week: Lindsay‘s at the end of her rope right now but I’m not going to let her go to her grave.’

The fading star had pinned her career hopes on a fashion range with respected designer Emanuel Ungaro.

But that was deemed an epic failure’ by fashionistas and branded cheesy and dated’ by one commentator, sparking a run of wild partying that’s put even Lindsay‘s previous excesses in the shade.

She’s absolutely lost her mind and there’s nobody who can get through to her these days,’ says one clubbing pal.

Everyone expects to wake up one morning and find out Lindsay‘s dead.’

At a Mario Testino bash during Paris Fashion Week, Lindsay stumbled around in a haze in the VIP room before starting to rant and shout.

It was after she’d heard about her bad reviews,’ a source tells Now.

Her eyes were red and puffy and she looked like she was about to collapse.’

What’s shocked onlookers that night – and every time they’ve seen 23-year-old Lindsay recently¬† – is her appearance.

She’s whippet-thin and looks far older than her years,’ says a pal. Her skin is in bad, condition, she always seems to have spots and her hair’s getting thinner.’


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