Now speaks to an expert to find out if Mrs Victoria Beckham has gone under the knife...again!

Her dramatic eye make up got its fair share of stick on t’Internet when trolls branded her a vampire, corpse bride AND a zombie out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Ouch!

But alongside the shock over her new look, there were also a lot of comments about Victoria Beckham‘s boobs. The mum of four appeared to show off a much fuller chest with her breasts almost falling out of the cut-out gown she wore to the Alexander McQueen gala on Thursday night alongside her husband David Beckham.

Victoria has admitted to having surgery – she reportedly had a procedure to enlarge her breasts from 34A to a 34DD back in 1999 before changing her mind and getting it reversed.

She told American magazine Allure in 2011: ‘I don’t have them any more. I think I may have purchased them.’ Adding later to Vogue: ‘No torpedo bazookas. Gone.’

But there was something that got us wondering where on earth those boobs had come from, so we asked an expert.

Cosmetic surgery and beauty expert Stephen Handisides from tells Now that Victoria has, in fact, had no new work done on her breasts but says that the dress she is wearing makes it look like she has.

Victoria spoke about having had a breast augmentation and then a reduction a few years ago. She had an enlargement but then had them taken out for a more natural look. The dress she is wearing really does accentuate her breasts and make it look as though she’s had work done but I don’t think she’s had another procedure,’ Stephen confirmed.

Mrs Beckham reportedly visited a London clinic to go from her natural 34A to a 34DD following the birth of her first son, Brooklyn, in 1999.

At the time she insisted her inflated look was down to support tape inside her clothes and push-up bras. She even said: ‘I’m completely natural, except for my fingernails, and I have a bit of help with my hair and a bit of a St Tropez [fake tan] going on.’

But she later admitted cringing at how she looked saying ‘I’ve worn so many dresses in the past and when I see the photographs I think, crikey, my boobs are up round my neck again.’ Erm, deja vous?

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