Don't panic, she hasn't shaved them off or got a piercing...


She’s just unveiled a new blonde ‘do, and now Kylie Jenner has eyebrows to match. That’s right – the youngest Jenner has bleached her brows to match her new hair.

Remember when Kim Kardashian temporarily bleached her brows at the xx fashion show? Well, thankfully, Kylie’s makeover isn’t as dramatic as that. In fact, for a home dye job – which she appears to have done, as she documented the whole process on Snapchat – they actually look pretty good.

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The blonde brows are just the latest in a line of enhancements for Kylie, who also treated herself to a new piercing recently, and has been seen in a variety of wigs while she grew her hair out to prepare for the drastic blonde makeover.

We’re wondering what Kylie will possibly do next – could she jump on the decorative septum piercing trend, as demonstrated by FKA twigs and Lady Gaga? Could she be planning a new tattoo?

We await the next Snapchat post with bated breath…