Heroes star is a clean-cut girl

A couple of years ago Hayden Panettiere used to hang out with Paris Hilton but now the Heroes star prefers quiet nights in with boyfriend Stephen Colletti, 21.

‘We aren’t really into the big party lifestyle,’ says the 18-year-old. ‘I like hot-tubbing. I don’t want to be known as a party animal. I don’t want to be seen dressing trashy.

‘I don’t think I’d go to a premiere with a tight, tiny, mini-skirt and bikini top.’

Hayden wants to be known for her acting, not for flashing flesh.

‘I always wear my undershorts when I do stunts in my cheerleader outfit,’ she tells the Sunday Mirror. ‘I’d never go nude or shave my head – unless it’s for an Oscar!’

Suzannah Ramsdale