Heroes star wants to break into music industry

Hayden Panettiere is working on her debut album. 

The Heroes star released the single Wake Up Call in 2008 and has featured on several Disney compilation CDs in the past. 

But Hayden, 20, now wants to strike out on her own and become a credible musician. 

‘I’d like to focus on music,’ she tells Now.

‘I’ve been singing for almost as long as I’ve been acting and I love it. It’s just a different way of expressing myself and getting to be me, not having to play anyone else.’

Hayden wants to make sure her LP is perfect before she releases it. 

‘I’ve been working on my album for about three years,’ she reveals.

‘It’s all about finding the time, though, which is crazy. And it’s hard to get people to accept me as a singer because they see me as an actor.’