Heroes star says public are also to blame

Hayden Panettiere admits it’s hard maintaining a romance in the public eye.

The actress, who split from Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia, 32, in February, finds the media scrutiny hard to handle.

‘It’s very, very difficult and people have no idea what they do to peoples’ relationships,’ says Hayden. ‘They destroy them. The paparazzi and the public.

‘The public wants to read about your personal life, and the paparazzi give it to them by nosing into your personal life and saying things that are just not true and horrible.’

Hayden, 19, says the press intrusion means she can’t lead a normal life.  

‘I used to walk my dogs in my pyjamas,’ she tells Company.

‘You know something’s not right when you’re lying in bed for 15 minutes in the morning going, “How do I get milk for cereal without having to leave my house?”’

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