Actor gets upset over Irish accent suggestions

Russell Crowe cut short a Radio 4 interview after it was suggested his character in the new Robin Hood film sounded Irish.

The actor, 46, swore when Front Row presenter Mark Lawson pressed him on the subject on Wednesday.   

You’ve got dead ears, mate,’ said Russell, 46. You’ve seriously got dead ears if you think that’s an Irish accent…

[It’s] bollocks… I’m a little dumbfounded you could possibly find any Irish in that character – that’s kind of ridiculous, but it’s your show.’

When Mark tried to move on by asking whether the accent was based on someone from northern England, Russell said: No, I was going for an Italian – missed it? F*** me.’

Russell got up to leave after refusing to answer a question about his 2000 film Gladiator.

I don’t get the Irish thing, by the way,’ he said as a parting shot. I don’t get it at all.’

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