Little Mix star Perrie Edwards also unfollowed ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik on the photo-sharing site

A heartbroken Perrie Edwards has removed all trace of Zayn Malik in her life – well, her digital life – by removing every picture of him from her Instagram account.

In the modern-day equivalent of burning photos of ex-boyfriends a la that episode of Friends, Perrie undertook the pain-staking task of deleting each and every snap of the former One Direction star from her profile, including the one – captioned ‘love ma man’ – she had shared just one week before he called time on their relationship (above).

And, in the most final of actions, Perrie also unfollowed Zayn on the photo-sharing site. So we guess it really is over, then.

News that Zayn had called off his two-year engagement to Perrie first broke on Tuesday, with the Little Mix star reportedly ‘devastated.’

It then emerged that Zayn had apparently ended the relationship via text message, news that only increased the crushing pain that we (and, we assume, Perrie) was feeling.

Since Zayn sent that sad text two and a half weeks ago, the blonde beauty has been putting on a battling on whilst she tours America with her bandmates to promote their new single Black Magic.

A source told People: ‘She’s been putting on a brave face as Little Mix have had promotion to do, but she’s obviously devastated.’

The source added: ‘Perrie’s being supported by her bandmates, but she’s really in pieces about this.’

Meanwhile, Zayn doesn’t seem too phased by the split and has been hanging out with his ‘Zquad’ and teasing his upcoming solo music online.

Currently in LA where he says he is ‘chilling’, Zayn has also found time to follow a couple of gorgeous models since breaking his post-split Twitter silence.

And whilst we were left dazed and confused in the wake of the split, one person who wasn’t surprised was another of Zayn’s ex-girlfriends, Geneva Lane.

Writing on Twitter, she said: ‘‘Lol… Saw that coming. Dunno how she didn’t realize sooner what massive c*** he is.’

She added: ‘She deserves so much better than to be treated how she has for so long. So many lies and so much deceit. So wrong. She will come out strong.’

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