Former model doesn't want to be on her own again

Heather Mills has shocked estranged hubby Sir Paul McCartney by asking if she can spend the festive holidays with him and their daughter Bea, 4.

The former glamour model made the bizarre proposal because last year she was left on her tod.

‘Heather spent most of last Christmas Day alone while Bea was with her father,’ a source reveals.

This year Paul is due to get Bea again and Heather suggested a family reunion.

‘It beggars belief, but she asked him if he wants to spend Christmas Day together,’ says the insider.

‘As you’d imagine Paul isn’t too keen on the idea especially after her latest round of rants.’

The 39-year-old has accused the media of treating her like a paedophile, encouraged the public to drink rats’ milk and blamed Sir Paul, 65, for not putting an end to her persecution by the media.

‘He thinks she should pipe down. He wasn’t especially hurt by comments that he wasn’t doing anything to protect his family,’ the source tells the Sunday Express.

‘He always sees Bea is protected when she’s not in his care. As for Christmas he wants to make sure she is as happy as Larry. There’s no way Heather would be welcome at a gathering like that.’

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