Phil Hall resigns over GMTV outburst

Heather Mills has been dropped by her agent Phil Hall because of her bizarre outburst on GMTV yesterday morning.

The former model ranted on the ITV breakfast show, slamming the media for portraying her as a ‘whore, gold-digger, a fantasist and a liar’.

Phil, a highly-respected press officer and former tabloid editor, had advised her not to speak out and resigned after she ignored him.

‘We are still mates but I am not working with her any more,’ Phil tells

‘Yesterday, she said she wanted to do this TV campaign attacking newspapers, but I have a good relationship with newspapers and my business depends on feeding that good relationship.’

Heather, 39 – who was armed with a folder containing 4,400 negative newspaper clippings – told viewers to stop buying tabloids and vowed to take action against abusive reporters.

Meanwhile she’s still not reached a divorce settlement with ex hubby Sir Paul McCartney.

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Alison Adey