Rep Michelle Elyzabeth hits back at media reports

Heather Mills is fuming over media reports she’s been trying to persuade people to drink rats’ milk.

The former model, 39, appeared at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park on Monday urging people to become vegans – and stop drinking cows’ milk.

But Heather’s new rep Michelle Elyzabeth claims tabloids have twisted the story and says she was deliberately misinterpreted.

‘She was joking about the rats,’ Michelle rants.

‘But she was serious about the milk. It is very bad for people, especially children. A cow can only give so much.’

But despite Heather’s efforts to save the planet from global warning, both the public and the media failed to take her seriously. (Which is what she wanted, right, if she was only messing about…?)

‘Heather was furious over the way the rat story was reported,’ Michelle tells the NY Post.

‘She told me, “You can only take so much, then you become numb. Everything I do, people take it apart.”’

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Alison Adey