Copper won't relent, even after she shows prosthetic leg

Heather Mills McCartney is being fined for parking her £130k Bentley in a disabled bay.

The ex-model, 39, was slapped with a £125 ticket by a New York traffic cop.

‘The cop saw Heather’s fancy car parked in the bay without a disabled permit,’ says an onlooker.

‘She tried telling him she was disabled and even ended up hitting her false leg to prove it, but he told her she couldn’t park there.’

As the officer turned around, Heather managed to let off some steam.

‘Heather was absolutely fuming,’ a source tells the News Of The World. ‘She cheekily stuck her tongue out at him as he walked off.’

Sir Paul’s ex lost her leg below the knee in 1993 when she was hit by a police motorcycle.