Environmentalist says she stands up to bullies

Heather Mills insists she continues to live in the public eye so she can promote good causes.

‘I sometimes think that perhaps it is my fate in life to fight injustice,’ she says.

‘That is what all my experiences have taught me, that is what I was put on this earth to do.

‘People don’t like bullies and I stand up to them.’

The ex-model, 40, says she’d prefer to keep a low profile, but she’s passionate about her charity work. 

‘Sometimes I think why do I keep doing this?,’ she tells the Daily Mail.

‘Especially when people keep saying these awful things about me. I’m only human and it’s very depressing.

‘It would be easier to just give up, but these are things I really care about. Children, the disabled, animals, so I go on.’

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