Former model wants to protect the fortune she won from ex Sir Paul McCartney

Heather Mills is said to have told pals that if she ever gets married again she’ll make sure she protects her fortune from her hubby-to-be.

The model didn’t sign a prenup when she wed Sir Paul McCartney, 65 – and won a £24.3m divorce settlement.

‘Heather is a smart woman and won’t let her heart rule her head,’ says a friend. ‘She realises she could attract the kind of man who isn’t with her because he loves her but because he loves the lifestyle.

‘If and when she does get married again, she’s told us she would definitely make a man sign a pre-nuptial agreement,’ the pal tells the Daily Express.

Heather, 40, is dating holiday rep Jamie Walker, 35, after they met in Tenerife earlier this year.

‘She’s recently brought up the subject of prenups,’ the insider adds. ‘It shows just how serious she and Jamie have become.’