Heather no. 1, 2, 3 and…Veronica (Winona Ryder) were the biggest bitches in high school but when the hot and mysterious JD arrived, things took a murderous turn

The shoulder-pads, the perms, the croquet game, the Drano, Christian Slater at his finest…

God, Heathers was such a good film, wasn’t it? It was so good, in fact, it makes Mean Girls look like small fry.

The 1988 black comedy about teenage suicide and murderous lust between JD (Christian Slater) and Veronica (Winona Ryder) was one of our favourite films, which is why we wanted to find out where the devil all the Heathers and their enemies were now.

Check it out…

Winona Ryder AKA Veronica Sawyer
Winona memorably played the smart and savvy Veronica, who managed to become part of the exclusive Heathers clique even though she didn’t share their first name. At the time Winona was just 16 years old and already had started to catch the eye of film buffs after her role as Lydia in Tim Burton‘s Beetlejuice.
Following her success she then starred in Mermaids and earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Edward Scissorhands. But the praise didn’t stop there; Winona was also nominated for an Oscar for her role in Little Women and put in sterling performances for Alien: Resurrection plus Girl, Interrupted alongside Angeline Jolie.
After meeting Johnny Depp on set 1990, the pair dated for three years and the media attention followed. In 2001, Winona hit a low point and was arrested for shoplifting. She later revealed she had numerous personal struggles including depression and anxiety. Since then, Winona seems to have turned a corner. She was reunited with Burton for his 2012 film Frankenweenie and also made it onto the Black Swan cast.

Christian Slater AKA J.D
This was Christian‘s breakthrough role as rebel-with-a-murderous-cause, J.D. Dean in Heathers. And here’s a fun fact – the part was offered to Brad Pitt, but producers turned him down because he was ‘too nice.’ He was dark, sexy, smouldering and a bit creey we think this role may have started his MEGA crush anyhow.
After Heathers, Christian became was one of Hollywood’s biggest 90s heartthrobs, starring in movies like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Interview With the Vampire and True Romance. But like J.D., Christian has had trouble staying on the right side of the law. Over the years, he’s spent time behind bars and had to attend court-mandated rehab.
Although his heartthrob status has faded since Heathers, Christian has continued to work in both movies and TV. He currently stars in the ABC thriller Mind Games. In December 2013, he married 26-year-old Brittany Lopez, who’s 18 years younger than him. He was previously married for five years to Ryan Haddon, with whom he has two kids.

Kim Walker AKA Heather Chandler
Kim played the bitch of all bitches and super-savvy queen bee Heather Chandler. She was the Heather who Veronica hated the most. In the lust-fuelled murder spree, to make Veronica happy, JD gave Heather C drain-cleaner liquid Drano to drink and killed her. Remember that blue tongue and the dramatic moment she smashed though the glass table? Oooh, it was good! They then wrote a suicide note to cover up the murder. And then, things just started to unravel.
Because Heather C was the most popular girl in school, her death then made suicide the latest high school fad.
Tragically, after her great performance as the original ‘mean girl’ Kim died of a brain tumor in 2001 at age 32. Her last onscreen appearance was 2000’s Killing Cinderella.

Shannen Doherty AKA Heather Duke
Shannen played super-bitch Heather Duke and this was the first film that exposed the former Little House on The Prairie star as the notorious bad girl. Two years later, she returned to TV and her most famous role as Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210. In 2008, Shannen brought Brenda back for the 90210 reboot. She also did a stint on Dancing With the Stars in 2010 and her latest project, the WeTV series Shannen Says, tracks the preparations for her real-life marriage to cameraman Kurt Iswarienko.

Lisanne Falk AKA Heather McNamara
Lisanne played Heather McNamara, the stereotypically blonde-and-a-bit-ditzy cheerleader. When she starred in the film, Lisanne was already a successful model and had worked closely with model of the 80s/90s Brooke Shields.
Lisanne’s biggest post-Heathers role was 10 years later in 1998’s Shattered Image, which she also co-produced. She hasn’t had an acting credit since the 2000 short film Casablanca.

Lydia Southern