As Helen Flanagan posts a cryptic message on Instagram, is she finally welcoming her baby into the world?

We’re pretty patient as a nation – we wait for our tea to brew, we’re experts at queuing – but no-one is as patient as Helen Flanagan, as she’s been awaiting the arrival of her baby.

But perhaps the great wait is over!

As she posted a cryptic quote to her Instagram account last night, which says: ‘A baby asked God, “They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow”’, it’s left us all wondering if this is Helen’s way of telling us she’s in labour, and her baby is on their way!?

The 24-year-old is pretty active on social media, being almost a daily Instagram poster. But her feed became pretty quiet of late, with the last thing she shared being a snap of her relaxing in a bikini in the garden, with her baby bump looking pretty big at 39 weeks. And that was posted a week ago. That’s like a year in social media world.

The former Corrie actress has been snapping and sharing every step of her pregnancy, from baby showers to food cravings – pineapple anyone?

If the lil’ un’ is actually on her way now, the brunette beauty and her partner, Scott Sinclair, seem to be more than prepared, as she posted a picture of  meal, with the words ‘Congratulations’ written on the plate.

But no. All was not as it seems, as the mum-to-be captioned the snap: ‘Not had thee baby yet but for when we do x’, complete with a cheeky monkey emoji. Prepartion to the fullest!

Helen is having her first baby with her footballer boyfriend, and childhood sweetheart Scott Sinclair. The couple have been together with since she was 19 – too cute!

And after the bundle of joy has arrived, we have no doubt that we’ll be hearing the sound of wedding bells not long after.

‘We’ll definitely get married at some point.’

‘Since I’ve been pregnant we’ve been really happy – I think it’s because you share that bond.’

‘I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been while pregnant.’

We’re sure the happiness will only continue when their little boy or girl arrives! Fingers crossed that it’s soon!

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Amy Lo