Actress reunited with boyfriend last year

Helen Flanagan doesn’t want the public to get the wrong impression of Scott Sinclair.

The ex-Coronation Street star moved out of the house she shared with Scott last summer after TV star Donatella Panayiotou claimed that she’d received flirty texts from the footballer but the couple soon reunited.

Helen seems happier than ever since getting back together with Scott and hopes everyone knows how special he is.

‘He is [the one],’ says Helen, 23.

‘He’s a genuinely lovely person. Everyone that knows him says that he’s a gentleman. It’s a shame but footballers can get a bad reputuation.

‘The media can – especially last summer – make nothing into something huge. I really would hate people to get the wrong impression of him.

Scott‘s genuinely a really sweet person. I’m very protective of him.’

Helen might be loved-up with Scott, 25, but admits they still have the odd quarrel.

‘I’m quite fiery, I don’t take any sh*t,’ the actress says.

‘It can be embarrassing if we’re out at dinner – we’re really, really happy, but all couples argue!

‘It’s not a big deal, but someone will Tweet something about us having an argument and it’s like: “No, we’re just normal.”‘

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