Helen has lost weight

Helen Flanagan admits that boyfriend Scott Sinclair doesn’t want her to lose any more weight.

The ex-Coronation Street star recently lost a stone after going on a health kick but Scott, 24, often gets in the way of his girlfriend’s regime.

‘Since losing weight I am more confident in myself and Scott loves it, although he does think I shouldn’t get any skinner,’ says Helen, 23.

‘He doesn’t exactly make it easy for me because he eats everything. I’ll be having a salad in a restaurant and he’ll order the whole menu.

‘At other times I’ll want to go swimming or to the gym and he’ll try and persuade me to stay in so we can watch a film.’

Luckily Helen isn’t planning on slimming down any further and still likes to indulge.

‘There are days when I just want to curl up and eat chocolate,’ the actress tells The Sun.

‘I don’t want to lose lots of weight, for me, it’s more about being toned.’

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