Helen Flanagan reveals the gory details of her traumatic labour with baby Matilda

Helen Flanagan has revealed the pain and trauma she went through while giving birth to her daughter Matilda. In an interview with OK! magazine, the new mum reveals that her labour lasted for almost three days, and her elaborate plans for the birth went out of the window.

‘I went a bit shopping crazy before the birth. I even bought a Victoria’s Secret silk nightie…I didn’t end up wearing it. I don’t know what I was thinking!’ she says, before going into detail about her difficult labour.

Helen, 25, was already 11 days overdue when her contractions started, but she explains that they stopped when she reached the hospital. She was induced the next day, but after pushing for an hour and forty minutes with still no sign of Matilda, she was rushed into theatre for a forceps delivery.

‘At one point my back was hurting so much I screamed out for the doctor to give me an epidural,’ she says. ‘I think you swore at him too!’ her footballer partner, Scott Sinclair, adds.

‘The doctor was trying to explain to Helen what was going on but it wasn’t sinking in because she was in so much pain,’  continues Scott, 26. Helen is full of praise for her boyfriend, saying he was ‘holding my hand and stroking my head’ throughout the difficult labour, during which Helen says she had to be ‘cut before they could deliver her’.

The pair also reveal that they won’t be having a nanny, instead preferring to be hands-on with Matilda. Helen says she is breastfeeding and doing night feeds, while Scott is on nappy-changing duties.

Don’t be surprised if Helen and Matilda are spotted out and about in matching outfits, a la Kim Kardashian, too – she told the magazine that she thinks it’s ‘cute’ and they already have leopard print cardigans.

Sounds like Matilda’s already taking after her mum!

Yummy mummy Helen Flanagan shows off her new hair – and baby Matilda approves!

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