This escalated quickly...

When you think of Helen Wood, if Big Brother isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, surely it’s the fact that she is…erm, candid about her feelings. However she feels about a topic, or a person, she is sure to make her often strong, always unfiltered opinion known – and in recent discussion of Ex On The Beach, she did no different.

However, the cast of EOTB aren’t necessarily known for backing down when a fight’s brewing – so of course, when Helen’s latest rant concerning them hit the web, there was going to be friction. And now, there’s been an all-out fight on Twitter…and things got pretty nasty pretty quickly…

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In her column for Daily Star, the loud-mouthed reality star wrote some scathing words towards some of the cast members – notably Jemma Lucy and Kayleigh Morris.

‘This programme represents pretty much everything je deteste [I hate] in females – sly, no personality, just basically a f***y on legs with a 6 out of 10 for a face,’ she writes, kicking things off with a bang – only to deliver a sucker punch to Jemma:

‘that 6 didn’t include Jemma Lucy, she is one dog, she needs a kennel, not a beach.’

Charlotte Crosby shocked GIF

Jeez. Harsh, much? And she didn’t stop there:

When it comes to Jem, my answer would be no, she’d s**g her step dad if he got a bit of blood in it. I can see those eyes rolling and the “coming from an ex hooker” comments rolling in – but that slab of meat gets kicks out of f***ing her boyfriend’s mates, who aren’t mates to begin with but we’ll move on to that next. Then she has the nerve to kick off about other girls, threatening them – is there anyone at home you thick bint?

With something like that out in the open, it’d be difficult not to respond – and Jemma did, saying that she was only being judged on her persona and that Helen didn’t know the real her:

‘U don’t know me and I don’t kn0w u! U know my [TV] persona. Clever girl judging me on that miss by winner’, said Jemma – to which Helen ‘reminded’ her of the risks of appearing on reality TV:

‘You’re on a reality tv show, inviting opinions, surely even someone as dense as you gets that? Thanks for reading :)’.

Of course, it didn’t take long before Helen’s controversial past got brought into the conversation… and Jemma pulled no punches.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 17.18.27‘Calling me a bf shagger… who’s bf have I shagged? U f*cked bare people’s husbands?! Wayne Rooney? Pointless this’

And THEN, Jemma’s co-star Kayleigh gave her very own response to the article:

‘Helen Wood. Known prostitute, F*cks for money. Yet writes a column slating girls. I’ve now heard it all.’

Come on, ladies – can’t we all be friends?!