As Coleen Rooney heads to Brazil, we reveal what Wayne Rooney’s former ‘fling’, Big Brother star Helen Wood, really thinks of her…

Her sixth wedding anniversary this week should have been a happy affair.

But instead Coleen Rooney is desperately hoping that Wayne‘s alleged mistress Helen Wood keeps schtum on Big Brother and doesn’t spill any more secrets that could harm her family.

Coleen, 28, is said to have been blindsided by Helen‘s appearance on the Channel 5 reality show, only learning of it the morning of the launch.

We can also reveal that Coleen can expect zero sympathy from Helen while she’s in the house – as she’d previously boasted to Now that she would have slept with Wayne again for the right fee.

Coleen – who’s set to head out to Brazil for England’s first World Cup game this week – was pregnant with eldest son Kai, now four, when Wayne allegedly paid £1,200 for a threesome with Manchester prostitutes Helen, now 27, and Jenny Thompson, now 25, in June 2009.

Helen has been desperate to be on Big Brother for three years and now that she’s in the house there’s nothing stopping her revealing more details about the ‘affair’.

Speaking to Now previously, Helen – who got into escorting after getting pregnant at 16 – boasted: ‘I can’t feel sorry for Coleen after she took him back. If my husband cheated on me when I was pregnant, they’d be dead to me. Would I sleep with him again? Hell yeah – for £1 million. I’d be rich and Coleen would take him back anyway.’

Asked whether she thought Wayne, 28, would ever change his ways, she added in our 2011 shoot: ‘No. He slept with my friends – and he’s not good in bed. If you’re not going to take your vows seriously, it’s just a farce.’

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