Wayne Rooney's escort girl Helen Wood reveals why she was forced into a life of vice

When Wayne Rooney was caught having a threesome behind pregnant wife Coleen’s back, escort Helen Wood, 24, became infamous overnight.

With rumours she’s 
set for Celebrity Big Brother, 
the pretty blonde tells Now how she started selling her body after getting pregnant at 16.

‘I don’t believe in abortion, so by 19 I was living in a council house with a toddler,’ explains Helen in our exclusive interview.

‘Then, all in the same week, I was made redundant from my job as an accountant’s assistant, the bailiff came round, I owed a loan shark £500 and I was about to be evicted.

I panicked: “How can 
I earn money fast? I’ve got no boyfriend, no family, no one to support me. I’ve 
got to feed my son.”

‘A friend mentioned escorting and I saw it as the only way out. I was lucky. I was working as an escort, not in a brothel.

‘Men treated me nicely, buying me gifts. It was better than any man had treated me before.

‘It was like a drug – I liked the secret world and having money for my boy.’

Read the full interview with Helen Wood in Now magazine dated 22 August 2011 – out now!

Now cover 22 August 2011

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