That's a bigger burn than the sun can do...

Helen Wood has decided to give the Love Island contestants a few, uh, ‘home truths’ and even called controversial Villa-mate Emma Jane ‘a two-faced tw*t’. So, not holding back are ya?

The former Big Brother winner was less than impressed with the ‘fake’ Love Island guys and believes that none of them will last on the outside. Well, can’t argue with that quite yet, but she also ripped into Emma for backstabbing Sophie.

She said in her column for the Daily Star: ‘She never struck me as a two-face tw*t, hmm, proved that wrong, slagged Sophie off left right and sodding centre, but to her face “I don’t know babe, I’m trying not to get involved.”

‘Pfft, wow, what a snake. Glad she left.

‘Sophie, she had my empathy, a house full of people behaving like utter dogs towards her, for what reason? Because she pied off that plastic Scouse Katie?’

Terry and Emma-Jane kissing on Love Island

Terry and Emma-Jane kissing on Love Island


The former escort is also not happy with the show being less harsh than the sometimes-vindictive Big Brother and that the lie-detector task only ended up making the ‘nicest’ person Olivia cry, as opposed to the rest of them.

But even favourites Nathan and Cara, who everyone believes are in love, haven’t quite convinced Helen Wood, who tears into all the couples.

‘My winners have to be Nathan and Cara, they’re persistent, even if they have just their eyes on the prize, they’re doing a damn good job of convincing us what they have is real, so I think they’ll last.

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‘Do I, balls. None of them will last in the real world, few months at the very most, once the PAs, mags and dodgy pap shots have all been rinsed, they’ll all go back to normal.’

Yikes! That’ll teach them.