They aren't on speaking terms...

Helen Wood has put her minor feud with Charlotte Crosby to one side in order to warn the star to STAY AWAY from Ash Harrison.

Among her laundry list of complaints about the actor is that before he got with Charlotte, he often complained of how much he hated Geordie Shore girls. As soon as he got with her, though, Ash has changed his mind and Helen thinks she knows why: money.

As Ash Harrison’s ex, she also considers herself an authority on the matter.

Writing in her column for the Daily Star, she said: ‘All I’ve seen of her is a mess of a bird who wees herself, shags, cheats, gets so drunk she forgets her own, and for what? For airtime. It’s everything he told me he hates in a girl.

Charlotte Crosby and Ash Harrison


‘One thing I will say, no matter how much someone pisses the bed, farts, and acts like a bloke, no girl deserves to be mugged off in anyway, and the one thing this guy is the worst for when it comes to mugging off, is sponging.’

Allegedly, his family ALL said mean things about Charlotte Crosby while she was on CBB, but are surprisingly silent now. Helen suggest maybe her Geordie Shore fame has something to do with it.

After weeks of speculation Charlotte Crosby and Ash Harrison confirmed their romance with the epitome of romantic photos: a picture of Charlotte’s mouth ith the caption ‘that’s where my penis goes’. Okay.

Helen Wood believes he is being hypocritical by posting that but saying the Geordie Shore girls are ‘sl*gs’ for having sex on TV.

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She concludes: ‘No female, not just Charlotte, deserves to be mugged off, and yes I think she’s a berk off the TV who acts like a lout, but she’s not a murderer, therefore when poncey morons like Cashless start sniffing around, it just has to be said that these little maggots who go through life trying to steal someone’s glory should be exposed.’

Jeez. Tell us what you really think, Hels.