Did this go too far?

Celebrity Big Brother fans were left gobsmacked by some of the series’ most explicit scenes yet during Monday night’s episode…

After several days of heavy flirting, Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear appeared to take things even further by sneaking off to the toilet together for some alone time under the pretence of looking for face wipes.


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Whilst the pair couldn’t be seen, certain noises were heard from the room which sparked suspicions that they could be getting rather intimate.

First Chloe was heard giggling ‘That’s not a f***ing face wipe’ before subtitles showed Bear whispering to Ms Khan ‘I want to f*** you’. Ooh-er.

Then there were groans and Chloe said ‘Naughty Teddy Bear’. Yes, really.

This whole episode had viewers a bit stunned and many expressed their bewilderment at what they’d heard on Twitter after those mysterious moans.

‘What the hell were Chloe and Bear at in the toilet #cbb,’ one fan posted, whilst another said: ‘Wtf is happening with Bear and Chloe ?!? #cbbuk’

Others were feeling a little bit scarred by it all, with many wondering if the pair had actually got freaky in the toilet.

‘wait did Chloe and bear actually just have sex in the big brother house oh my #CBB,’ one Twitter user asked.

However it was THAT line said by Chloe that sparked the biggest reaction…


Basically the whole thing left a bit of an unpleasant taste for most viewers talking about it on Twitter.

Yikes. It wasn’t the only X-rated moment fans had to see during the raunchy episode of CBB.

Marnie Simpson also went full-frontal naked when she emerged from a steamy shower with Lewis Bloor, who also gave viewers an eyeful when he appeared round the door. Blimey.

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