The Geordie Shore gang aren't happy with Love Island's Adam...

In the wise words of Niall, he quite literally looks like the greek god Zeuss and Angelina Jolie had a lovechild who happened to wind up on Love Island.

The man with the illusive fifteen abs. Adam flipping Collard.

With Love Island a mere matter of days into the new series, we weirdly feel like we’ve known the 2018 Islanders all our lives.

Although this obviously isn’t the case, it would appear we might already be somewhat familiar with one member of the villa…

As it turns out, Adam has actually shown his lovely Geordie mug on a very familiar show… having appeared on Geordie Shore as an extra all the way back in 2016!

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In a recently unearthed clip, the Geordie Shore-ers are having one of their usual knees up in the club… when Charlotte Crosby and Chloe Ferry spot a potential man-bae in the form of Adam, bringing him over to their V.I.P section.

Sitting on his lap, the pair then proceed to both snog him at the very same time – much to the future Islander’s delight.

Actual scenes. Check it out below…

However, it would appear that the footage has rubbed some of the Geordie Shore gang up the wrong way – after it was revealed that Adam had actually thrown a lil’ shade at the show in the press…

Recently, the Love Islander had told The Metro that he was headhunted to join the show – an offer he decided to pass on because he’s ‘not that type of person’.

Quote Tweeting the footage of Adam as an extra on the show grafting on Chloe and Charlotte, Holly Hagan has thrown a lil’ shade right back at the ‘fella – writing: ‘The guy who “turned down” Gshore being an extra on Gshore LOL’.


Furthering the shade, Marnie Simpson has also taken to social media to allege that Adam has been telling a few porkies about the whole situation – sharing a snap of the article with the caption, ‘Well thats a lie. You auditioned for it every series and got rejected’.

Marnie has also shared the video of Adam, with the caption: ‘Thought Adam said Geordie shore were brainless and that he tuned down the show when approached… My point proven’.

All this drama after just three days. In the words of Caroline Flack, it’s going to be a long, hot summer!