And it's a glorious moment

We’ve all heard of super fans getting strange celeb tattoos – but one man took it to a whole other level when he had Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield‘s faces tattooed on his BUM.

OKAY so we know the whole nation loves This Morning – but that’s taking it a little too far, no?

Matty O’Hagan, 19, was so desperate to outdo pal Lee Crane after he said he’d had Ant and Dec inked on his backside – that he just couldn’t resist getting his own tattoo of another famous presenting duo. As you do…

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And now the daytime telly favourites have finally come face-to-face (or bum-to-face) with the man behind the inking and even strike a pose next to his famous tattoo on Thursday night’s episode of Celebrity Juice.

Sharing the hilarious shot with her 2.1million followers, 36-year-old Holly wrote: ‘Filming tonight down at @celebjuiceofficial and met the man with my face on his ass!!!! #thingsithoughtidneversay’.

Filming tonight down at @celebjuiceofficial and met the man with my face on his ass!!!! #thingsithoughtidneversay 😂

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And obviously loads of fans found the cheeky shot absolutely hysterical, with one writing: ‘lol I have no words!!!’ and another commenting: ‘That’s a bit cheeky’.

A third replied: ‘Noooo that’s just so wrong’, while a fourth joked: ‘love the look on both your faces. U guys are great x’.

It looks like Phil was also impressed with Matt’s efforts, who spent THREE hours getting inked, and shared the story on Twitter last month, writing: ‘Have you seen this @hollywills !!! Matty we salute you!!’

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After an hour and a half on each cheek – we salute you too, Matt!

Speaking to The Sun about his permanent portrait of the double act, Matt previously said: ‘Lee came home and told me he’d had Ant and Dec tattooed onto his arse and I just wanted one over on him.

“We’re both always full of banter and I just couldn’t resist.

‘Ant and Dec rule prime time TV on a Saturday night so I decided if I was going to do it I’d have to go with the King and Queen of daytime telly.’

Well, we can’t WAIT to see what happens when Matt finally meets his idols!

Celebrity Juice is on tonight (Thursday) at 10pm on ITV2