Holly had a GREAT day at work on Tuesday...

For the hosts of This Morning, there’s never a dull day in the office, with explosive guests taking to their sofas every day.

And for Holly Willoughby, Wednesday’s edition (7th December) was even more exciting than usual, as she spent the morning in a maternity ward – and according to viewers, she seemed broodier than ever!

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Mum-of-three and TV presenter Holly took a trip to St Thomas’ Hospital in London for a special, extended maternity segment of the daytime magazine show. And as she spoke to co-host Phillip Schofield back in the studio, she was so enthralled with her baby-filled surroundings that she cried:

‘I’m in baby heaven right now, it’s a wonderful, wonderful place… You are never ever getting me back! You’ve lost me. I’m not coming back!’

Continuing to a group of maternity nurses, she beamed: ‘I’m so happy, I can’t tell you. I might change jobs.’

Of course, we can only hope that she’s joking – yet this comes soon after some viewers speculated whether she was having a little one of her own, due to her refusing a shot of tequila on Tuesday’s programme. (Her reasoning could have also come from the fact that it was a shot of strong alcohol, at work, in the middle of the day… but we digress.)

Holly's in her happy place (ITV)

Holly’s in her happy place (ITV)

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Holly’s baby time got even better when she was given the chance to hold a newborn who’d made her arrival during the programme – a super newborn! Holding baby Mei, Holly said: ‘She is so special, so magical… I think I might be the second person to hold you!’

Married to TV producer Dan Baldwin, she’s spoken before about her love for being pregnant and her willingness to have another child – could this be a hint that the time is coming sooner than we think?