Fresh-faced and fabulous!

With well-known TV stars such as Holly Willoughby, viewers see them so often on their screens that they don’t consider the layers of makeup that’s plastered on before they get in front of the camera – and may have no idea what their natural face looks like.

However, Holly’s gone makeup free for her most recent post on social media – and fans cannot get enough of how gorgeous she looks!

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Though no-one should feel pressured to wear makeup all the time in the first place, it’s sadly a notable thing when women in the public eye go au naturel.

However, the This Morning host didn’t give in to pressures on Friday morning (26th May), when she took to social media to share a funny short video of her chaotic home life.

Mmmm nice quiet morning…. 😳

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With the camera focused only on her face, we see her grimace as we hear the sounds of her children having a very good (and loud) time – despite the fact that it’s early in the morning.

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Mum to Harry, eight, Belle, six, and two-year-old Chester, Holly often shares snippets of her life – and plenty of her fans have responded with similar tales.

‘It’s like that in my house before school too Holly!’ and ‘The joys of motherhood!’ read some of the more amused responses. However, there are some who are completely distracted by how good she looks, and have not hesitated to let her know:

‘How does one look so fresh-faced even without make up?’ was one fan’s sweet enquiry, while another wrote: ‘Beautiful lady!’

One fan in particular praised her for appearing not to have had any work done to her face:

‘Holly you are so beautiful, so nice to see that you haven’t filled your face with Botox and filler and that you have beautiful freckles and your forehead moves! Stay as you are, you are gorgeous xx’

Whether her forehead moves or not, with or without makeup, we completely agree – Holly is a stunner!