Oh dear...

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield had their presenting skills called into question by This Morning chef Gino D’Acampo during a huge on-air rant today.

The Italian chef blasted the duo for their ‘shambolic’ presenting after they stood in for him during a cooking segment when he was forced to call in sick earlier this month.


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When Gino returned to the studios today, he let rip at Holly and Phil after Phil joked he was ready to put his chef’s hat on again as he had his very own recipe to debut- the pea sandwich.

But it may have been Holly’s remark that really pushed the chef over the edge as she said: ‘And look who’s turned up to work! Well, wonders never cease.’

This Morning

Speaking from the kitchen, Gino made it very clear that he didn’t appreciate the pair’s light-hearted remarks.

‘Let’s not make a fuss about me coming back, one day off I took in 13 years, one day off,’ Gino moaned.

‘And by the way, by the way, the only thing you had to do was a plate of pasta, it was an absolute shambles the way you did it, it wasn’t presented well, you didn’t tell people the tips, see, this shows you how difficult it is to do my job.’

Some This Morning viewers even sided with Gino, calling out Holly for her comments as they pointed out she too was off work sick the same week as Gino.

‘Holly taking the mick out of Gino being off sick? Wasn’t she off sick the day after?’ one viewer asked.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for the This Morning presenters when they stepping into the kitchen to make Gino’s Valentine’s Day meal.

Holly Willoughby

It almost went horribly wrong when Holly popped open a bottle of prosecco and the cork went flying to the other side of the studio.

Phillip then joked that the cork almost ‘hit’ the show’s medic. Oh my god,’ he yelled. ‘You’ve hit the medic!’

‘It’s unprecedented, we’ve knocked the medic out.’

Apologising, Holly said: ‘I’m so sorry! I didn’t see that coming!’