Track her different transformations over the years


Remember Michaela McQueen? Played by Hollie-Jay Bowes, the character was one the scary McQueen sisters on the show, known for shoplifting, joyriding and sex scandals. Taking on her character’s flashy look, Hollie-Jay donned a bleach-blonde wig and slapped on tonnes of orange fake tan.

Not any more! The former soap star, now a trained barber and HD Brow specialist, has gone through a whole lot of different looks over the years – and today she looks unrecognisable from her one-time Hollyoaks charcater.

With her dip-dyed ginger locks, thick-rimmed glasses and subtle makeup, Hollie is every inch the natural beauty. Posting a selfie on her Instagram last week. she wrote: ‘My inner child used to love new glasses day. My outer adult also wants to show them off like an excited kid at school.’ We think you look great, Hollie!

my inner child used to love new glasses day. my outer adult also wants to show them off like an excited kid at school

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For those in need of a recap, Hollie-Jay was a main character on Hollyoaks between 2006-2010, before producers had her written after the script as punishment for publicising plot twists via social media (oops!) She made a brief re-apparance on the show in 2011, before leaving again the following year.

Since getting rid of her Michaela McQueen alter-ego, Hollie-Jay has experimented with lots of different looks, dying her hair pink, copper and bright red, among other colours. She has also put her hairdressing skills to good use in order to do kind deeds – a further snoop around her Instagram reveals she recently cut a homeless man’s hair who she has recently befriended, posting afterwards: ‘I cut a friend of a friends hair tonight. he’s called billy. he’s homeless and in hospital at the moment! such a funny guy! really sweet and just fell on hard times. next time you’ve got 5 mins have a chat! they really do appreciate it. he tried paying me! is he mad. bless him. ✂💈️✂️ #helpingothers #itsnicetobenice’ Aww! It sounds like, unlike her Hollyoaks character, Hollie-Jay has a heart of gold. Kind AND stunning!