Hollyoaks actress Jennifer Metcalfe puts her body down to good genes, hot yoga and the 5:2 diet

After almost a decade playing Hollyoaks‘ favourite McQueen, we reckon Jennifer Metcalfe needed a well-deserved break.

The actress, who plays Mercedes McQueen in the popular TV soap, decided it was finally time to take it easy. But instead of eating pizza and watching Netflix (not that that’s how we relax…. Cough), Jennifer’s been basking in the sun and looking after herself – and particularly her amazing bod.

Speaking at the Tesco Mum of the Year Awards, the 31 year-old told Now: ‘I’ve had four months off Hollyoaks. I’ve been going on a few holidays, eating healthy, going back to the gym – generally getting my life back in order. After 9 years – it’s an amazing job, but it’s a bit stressful.”

Jennifer, who has a naturally curvy figure, has always worked hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So what are her fitness secrets?
‘My mum!’ she laughs. ‘She still looks great at 65. Good genes. But also going to the gym to try and enhance what nature gave us.’

The gorgeous actress also revealed that she enjoys hot yoga and hot pilates, plus cardio mixed with weights and lunge type exercises.

Jennifer also puts her figure down to healthy eating, and revealed that she is currently trying the 5:2. ‘It’s convenient for me, as I have at least two busy days a week. It seems to be working great for me.’

The diet, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Miranda Kerr, is gaining followers because of its simplicity.
It consists of eating whatever you like for five days (that includes chocolate cake and ice cream, hurrah!), and for the remaining two, eating 25% of your regular calorie intake. Women are expected to lose around 1lb a week.

After previously struggling to maintain a healthy weight, it seems that Jennifer is finally satisfied with her routine.

And believe us, she is looking FAB for it. Keep up the hard work, Jen!

Jennifer will return to her Hollyoaks roots on Friday. Stay tuned!

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