The actress, 32, who 
plays Sienna Blake 
in Hollyoaks, chats 
to us about playing bad girl Sienna on Hollyoaks

Hi, Anna! Tell us about what’s going on in Hollyoaks at the moment… 
It’s all getting very dark 
for Warren and Sienna. 
She knows that he killed Bart and Goldie is trying 
to convince Sienna to 
leave Warren. But it’s something that she’d 
find hard to do.

Why’s that?
She loves him. And she’s pregnant with his twins. 
She wants to give the whole family thing a real go. 
She’ll find it hard to leave him – and she doesn’t 
really want to either.

Do you enjoy playing a bad girl like Sienna?
I love it. I’m really not like that in actual life! I like to 
be nice to people – it’s my worst nightmare being nasty to someone. Sienna’s so rude sometimes and 
I’d never dream of behaving like that, but it’s fun to act 
it out onscreen.

Anna’s a style queen

Does playing a character who’s pregnant make 
you feel broody?
The opposite – I can’t 
wait to take my fake bump off. It’s so heavy! I share a dressing room with Jennifer Metcalfe and she always says 
to me: ‘You’re lucky you can take that off – I can’t for 
nine months!’

Are you close with the rest 
of the cast?
Very close. Most people live within a few streets of each other in Sefton Park in Liverpool. There’s always a 
few of us in the pub and at 
least three or four of us at a time in Sainsbury’s. It must 
be like living in Hollyoaks 
for the other people who live round there.


Have you ever been 
hungover on set?
Once, when I first started. 
It was awful and it taught 
me a huge lesson – don’t do 
it! I remember having to 
retake one scene 17 times 
in a row. I really get the fear, which is awful when you’re being filmed, so I’ll never be hungover at work now.

Why do you think 
Hollyoaks should win 
Best British Soap at the British Soap Awards?
The show has something special. And I think we do storylines like the teenage cancer storyline with aplomb.

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