The former Celebrity Big Brother housemate said it's the reason she turned to alcohol

Stephanie Davis has revealed she’s been diagnosed with high-functioning autism, and it’s the reason she turned to alcohol.

Opening up on her Youtube channel, the Hollyoaks star said she used to feel like she had to drink to “calm her nerves” in social situations, but being told she had autism by doctors helped her understand why.

In the video, titled “I Have High Functioning Autism. This is me”, Stephanie explains how she’s always picked up on people’s traits and attempted to copy them, while also talking about why she struggled to get on the school bus as a child.

She added: “I’ve guessed I just went under the radar with this, but it explains a lot to me. I think since knowing I’m more aware of what I’m doing, but I’ve struggled my whole life with it, it’s actually quite sad.


“My mum felt a bit gutted for me because she was like, ‘I knew that you struggled with these things, but I didn’t even think…’ I think she felt upset at the way my little head must’ve been struggling for many years.”

Steph went on to explain how she now believes she was “self-medicating” with booze to reduce her “anxiety” and feelings of sickness.

She said, “I do believe it’s why I drank a lot more. I found it really exhausting.

“The thought of going to the bar was horrific. Oh my God, I’d have to drink a bottle of wine. I do believe I self-medicated.

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“The anxiety, I’d sweat, feeling sick, and I’d have a tantrum. I can’t do it. Cry my eyes out. I would try to get myself ready, drink a bottle of wine on the way to calm my nerves.”

The mum of one also explained on Twitter how she was starting the video blog to help others in the same situation as her.

She wrote: “People say to me why share everything, but I feel like, what’s the point in going through everything I have if I can’t share it when I KNOW it will help others?

“I’ve already helped so many with my experiences in life and I feel like that’s my calling.”