Cheryl is worried about her pups


Cheryl Cole has treated her fans to another stunning outtake picture from her calendar shoot.

The latest snap that didn’t make the cut shows Chezza, 30, wearing tiny denim hot pants and a sexy red crop top while sitting seductively in a car.

🙋 voici un autre outtake pour vous 🚗 hop in 😄💋,‘ the singer captioned the shot on Instagram.

Cheryl followed the saucy picture with a less raunchy snap of her wearing a helmet complete with large visor.

The Girls Aloud star is concerned about her beloved pet pooches during Bonfire Night and is considering kitting them up in similar protective headgear.

Maybe I should get all the dogs mini ones of these so they can’t here the fireworks 💁🐶🚫 #terrifieddoggys 😞Chezza wrote.

She’s even asked her Twitter fans for advice on how to protect them from the noise.

I absolutely love fireworks.. But my dogs are terrified 🙉🙈 I can’t bare to see them scared 😣 any tips??‘ the singer Tweeted yesterday.

I think the fireworks are only gonna get worse over the next few days as it is guy folks (Bon fire) tomorrow 😔 I need a solution asap

After her loyal followers gave some suggestions, Cheryl gratefully Tweeted: ‘Ok. Thanks. I’m gonna look into some of your ideas ! 😘’

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