Now’s astrologer David Wells reveals what’s in store for you and the A-list


21 March-20 April

Take a chance

You can’t go wrong this year. An exceptional line-up of planets in your sign is guaranteeing you 12 months of great abundance. Uranus has waited 88 years to visit you and arrives with the gift of unusual and fortunate circumstances. Make the most of it.

Love and lust

Life gets steamy for single Aries as spring arrives in March and passionate Mars sets your pulses racing. Rams who are already entwined will reach new understanding between January and April – as long as they‘re prepared to compromise a little.

Climbing the ladder

Career success is linked to who you know this year and you‘ll 
get the chance to step up several rungs, particularly after June. If you’re an early Aries born before 26 March, promotion will come even faster – probably between April and July.

2010’S WHEN YOU’LL… Stand out from the crowd!

Victoria Beckham
Jupiter is shining a brilliant light on someone or something from Victoria‘s past that will have a big impact on her future…


21 April-21 May

Take a chance

The more fun you have this year, Taurus, the luckier you’ll get. Good fortune is hanging out in your social life, so the less you fret about serious matters and the more time you spend creatively with your friends, the more opportunities will come your way.

Love and lust

Taurus isn’t a fickle 
sign and you’re happiest when you’re 
in a steady relationship. Attached bulls will blossom this year, while single bulls could meet someone special, with a big confidence boost coming their way. 
Self-assurance is very appealing and you‘ve got it in spades.

Climbing the ladder

As long as you remember to think big, you can’t go wrong, Taurus. Don’t limit yourself by fearing that you’re not experienced or qualified enough. Aim high – especially between February and June. You’ll be amazed what you achieve.

2010’S WHEN YOU’LL… Set your own agenda and stick to it.

Lily Allen
Lily‘s had a tough time, but this year will see her get her life into proper balance. She’ll also spend much of her time flirting with acting and other new interests.


22 May-20 June

Take a chance

Boldness pays off this year. Follow your intuition, even if it upsets other people who don’t understand, and concentrate on being the very best, unique you. By Christmas you’ll look back and wonder how you did so well. Your originality is the reason.

Love and lust

Your love life just got very interesting. In fact, single Geminis could be juggling three sexy relationships at the same time. Well, you always did enjoy variety… Attached Geminis can have just as much fun by spicing things up in the bedroom.

Climbing the ladder

The past few years have been distinctly mixed, but now you’re about to reap the benefits of all the valuable experience you’ve gained. 2010 starts with great news and it’s how you handle it that decides whether success is meteoric or just plain good.

2010’S WHEN YOU’LL… Let people know how brilliant you are.

Angelina Jolie
The stars suggest there are secrets in Ange‘s life to be uncovered as Pluto and Saturn come together in her chart. It’s surprises all round when a friend sells their story.


21 June-22 July

Take a chance

Power planet Pluto will be shaking things up in your orbit, Cancer, and suddenly you’ll find the inspiration to make yourself heard. You’ll surprise quite a few people who thought they knew you and one in particular will help you put in place major changes for the better.

Love and lust

Expect dramas, fireworks and exciting adventures on the love front as you decide to opt for what you really want instead of pleasing everyone else. The minute you put your foot down, you’ll have admirers eating out of your hand. Think diva!

Climbing the ladder

Good news: Cancerians will be one of the year’s biggest winners. Summer is when you reach the heights, but even before that a cash and career boost will point you in the right direction. Don’t just sit back and lap it up – challenge yourself to aim even higher.

2010’S WHEN YOU’LL… Come out of your shell and grab the spotlight.

Cheryl Cole
A hugely successful year for Cheryl, with overseas connections indicated. She could move to the US and become even more popular there than she is here.


23 July-22 August

Take a chance

Ever fancied living abroad? Well, by summer this could be an option you’re seriously considering. Good fortune starts flowing your way as the year begins and the tide gets stronger and faster as your birthday approaches. Warmer shores beckon.

Love and lust

If it’s lust you’re after, check out Mr Right-Now between January and April. He’s right on your wavelength. After that, the cosmic climate settles down and Mr Right is more likely to wander over. You’re about to find out why opposites attract – in a good way.

Climbing the ladder

The planets are focusing on your relationships and the place you live this year, so if you’re after major promotion, you’ve got to put in the extra effort yourself. Hard work will be well rewarded, so if you want to get lucky, get started.

2010’S WHEN YOU’LL… Think about taking a job abroad.

For Madge, 2010 is all about relationships. She’ll even find it hard to focus on work. If she and Jesus can stay together ’til Xmas, their love will survive anything.


23 August-22 September

Take a chance

Saturn has left your sign and you find yourself a changed person. In fact, this year you’re out to change the world. You know far more about your strengths and weaknesses and you’re determined to use your strengths to make a difference. You will, too.

Love and lust

Your love life has had more highs and lows than the stock market lately, Virgo, but the experience you’ve gained now sets you free. In the next few weeks an ex may reappear and the universe offers you a second chance to rekindle an old flame. Will you take it? It’s your choice.

Climbing the ladder

Your career ruler Mercury goes into reverse four times instead of his usual three this year, so this isn’t the time to expect major advances. Concentrate on your long-term plans. An idea germinating over the coming months could spring into life in 2011.

2010’S WHEN YOU’LL… Resolve a relationship matter for good.

This year Bey‘s music could take a back seat – but only because she’s too busy making a new movie to concentrate as much on her singing. It’ll be a success, too.


23 September-22 October

Take a chance

You’re in amazing form this year and ready to take a big risk – which isn’t your usual style. Some truly inspirational people are coming into your life and you could get carried away with new ideas. Just remember to activate your common sense before committing.

Love and lust

We won’t get much sense out of you this year. Your sign is swimming in romantic possibilities and from June ’til September you’re offered more choices than a chocoholic in a sweet shop. Dare you turn temptation into action? It looks like you might!

Climbing the ladder

Sorry, did someone mention work? Yes, you’ve still got bills to pay like everyone else and since you’re so busy with your love life you’ll prefer to stay in your current job. February, March and December are the best months for promotion. Put that in your diary!

2010’S WHEN YOU’LL… Chuck out what isn’t working.

Dannii Minogue
Dannii‘s been secretly longing to settle down and now she could get her wish. Wedding bells could ring and a baby may not be far behind.


23 October-22 November

Take a chance

Someone you meet this spring will have a major impact on your life, Scorpio, and you’ll discover talents and abilities you never dreamt you possessed. The only ‘but’ here is that in order to benefit you’ll need to give them your trust. Not easy for a scorpion.

Love and lust

Venus is showering all scorpions with magical allure this year and, single or attached, you’ll be in great demand. You never realised you were so gorgeous or witty. Get ready to flirt for Britain. If you’re already in a relationship, take care not to upset your partner – unless you want a different one!

Climbing the ladder

Ambitious Scorpios can expect great results, but you’re going to have to work for them. Prepare for a hard slog ’til the end of March when a wheel suddenly starts turning and you find yourself accelerating towards success. This is the beginning of your big breakthrough.

2010’S WHEN YOU’LL… Make your dreams come true.

Sarah Harding
Sarah‘s been doing a lot of growing up and the effects will become clear in 2010. Her acting is blossoming and by summer she’ll enjoy success.


23 November-21 December

Take a chance

Taking chances comes naturally to you, Sagittarius – you seldom take anything else. You’re the gambler of the universe and this year you get lucky. By playing the numbers game, experimenting with many possibilities, you’ll leap ahead of all competitors.

Love and lust

There has to be some ying to all that yang and here it is: your love ruler Mercury is reversing in January and also from 18 April-11 May, 20 August-12 September and finally 10-30 December, so romance will be tricky. May is your best month to pull.

Climbing the ladder

A second career chance looks likely when a move you wanted to make but never got round to is offered again. Or someone who took so long getting back to you that you thought they weren’t interested will get in touch. Either way, it’s good news.

2010’S WHEN YOU’LL… Give serious thought to moving house.

Britney Spears
Brit can breathe a sigh of relief because difficult Pluto has left her sign. Life will become more fun and marrying again is a good idea.


22 December-20 January

Take a chance

This year you need to have the courage of your convictions, Capricorn. Once you’ve made up your mind what you really want, you need to start building towards it as soon as you can. Don’t worry about overstretching yourself. Start creating a team to help you reach your goals.

Love and lust

Your love life is ruled by the Moon, which means that at times you come across as a little moody. 2010 isn’t the year to blow hot and cold. Seize some love action by being bold and forthright. Someone seriously exciting is coming your way. Don’t miss them.

Climbing the ladder

Career is particularly important to you and you’re fortunate that your ruler Saturn has moved in to help boost your ambitions. Apart from a brief spell between April and July when things go quiet, you can make big gains as long as you work for them.

2010’S WHEN YOU’LL… Acquire someone special.

Pixie Lott
Pixie has the lot and she’s aiming to keep it! Her music will be the gateway to a host of new projects. We’ll be hearing more about her in 2010, much of it surprising.


21 January-19 February

Take a chance

You say farewell to Jupiter, planet of good fortune, in February. But don’t worry, your personal good-luck ruler is Saturn, which happens to be spending the whole year in arguably the luckiest ever part of your chart. So should you take a chance? You bet!

Love and lust

Feisty Mars is causing romantic dramas until March, so expect a lusty roller coaster ride ’til spring. But if you manage to hang on in there ’til summer, passion could smoulder into something permanent. And if you fancy a fling, Virgo or Sagittarius are up for it!

Climbing the ladder You’re sitting on a great idea and this will be the year you unveil it. You’ll probably keep refining it to perfection until summer, but as the temperature rises you‘ll get the confidence to launch it to success. Secret negotiations pay dividends.

2010’S WHEN YOU’LL… See all the hard work you did in 2009 pay off.

Jennifer Aniston
Jen‘s had a tough time with romance, yet during 2010 things calm down and she at last makes up her mind. This could really be ‘the one’.


20 February-20 March

Take a chance

This is your lucky year. Jupiter is in your sign from February until June, bringing you protection and fortunate breaks. He’ll then return in September to boost your finances. What’s not to like? Just don’t get so excited you try to rush things.

Love and lust

Do you go for older men, Pisces? Well, even if you don’t usually, it looks like you might be tempted this year. If you’re already attached, a dilemma from the past could reappear, but now the two of you know just how to handle it.

Climbing the ladder

Since your career ruler is lucky Jupiter, currently residing in your sign and about to boost your cash flow, you can hardly go wrong over the next 12 months. The only problem is that you’ll have to get the ball rolling yourself. Once you do, success could be monumental.

2010’S WHEN YOU’LL… Turn inspiration into a finished product.

Eva Longoria
A great year for Pisceans and Eva will be inundated with career offers. But she may pass on some, as the stars suggest she’ll be starting a family.