See how Charlotte's hair has changed over the years

Since rising to fame on Geordie Shore, Charlotte Crosby has become the hair envy of thousands.

Whether she’s brunette or platinum blonde, is wearing extensions or sporting a natural shorter ‘do, Charlotte has always got a good look going on.

Our gallery takes a look at how Charlotte’s hairstyles have changed since she entered the spotlight.

On 1 July 2011, Charlotte Crosby attends the Geordie Shore photocall in London with a chocolate brown side fringe and her hair tied in a low ponytail.

A year later in May 2012, the star debuts a lighter blonde look.

Charlotte places her mane in a fancy up-do in June 2012, allowing some strands to dangle around her face.

In December that year she pins her platinum lengths into a half-up, half-down style and in February 2013 she channels Barbie with bleached curls.

But a few months later – despite showing off her brighter tone on Geordie Shore Charlotte Crosby goes back to her original brunette colouring.

She accessorises her mane with a black bowler hat in May 2013 and chooses to decorate her ‘do with a pretty floral garland in June 2013.

However, she’s quick to change her look and in March 2014 uploads a snap of her latest ombre ‘do to Instagram, captioning it: ‘So yeh I gots new hair.’

Charlotte models her new style with a dramatic side parting in September 2014.

She chooses to place her mane in a low plait over her shoulder in November 2014 while promoting her Nostalgia fashion range.

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