Not only are these celeb men super hot – they look this good over 40. What mid-life crisis?

Many times have we swooned over pictures of a certain Mr Jackman or the wonderful Brad Pitt, and many times have we all said, He is totally getting better looking every year!’

Yep, not only are these men fit – they’re getting FITTER.

Here’s a round up of our top five men who just get better and better with age.


1. Hugh Jackman: 45


Mr Jackman might be every girl’s fantasy boyfriend after his many romantic and superhero film roles (come on, who doesn’t want a superhero boyfriend?), but as he gets older – and, more importantly, fitter – we kinda want him as our husband. Yeah, we know he’s happily married but a girl can dream. He’s seriously buff. And he can sing. And dance. And he’s Aussie. Hugh, we love you. 

2. Brad Pitt: 49


Hang on, 49?! AS IF Brad Pitt is turning 50 next year. Beautiful new wife? Check. Haggle of adorable kids? Check. Gorgeous stubble, wonderful smile and soul-piercing eyes? Check check check! This one is maturing just perfectly, and he has the I-don’t-normally-like-it-but-I-do-on-him man-bun to prove it. And he shaved off that ridiculous beard, thank goodness. Mmmmmm.

3. Patrick Dempsey: 48


He’s a doctor in Grey’s Anatomy, Prince Charming in Disney’s Enchanted and an absolute cutie pie in Sweet Home Alabama. Are there any attractive roles he hasn’t taken on?
We can’t wait to see what fit thing Patrick decides to do next, eek! Oh, and did we mention he’s a racing car driver in his spare time too? HAWT.  

4. Will Smith – 45


He was fit in Men In Black back in the day. He was fit throughout his questionable rap career when we should have known better. He was fit in his Hancock stage. And he was even fit while doing the Carlton dance on The Graham Norton Show last year.
Is he ever not fit, you ask? Well, no.

5. David Beckham: 39


Okay, so technically he’s not 40… But what’s a fit list without David fitter-every-year’ Beckham?
In eight months time, the football pro come Super-Dad will reach his big 4-0. And if the last ten years are anything to go by, we can’t wait to see what he looks like when he turns 50. Oof!


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