James Anderson, Stuart Broad and Alastair Cook get naked

Cricket hotties James Anderson, Stuart Broad and Alastair Cook stripped off their whites to give fans a bit of a treat – and help a good cause.

James and Alastair – who posed with Stuart 2 years ago with just their cricket bats to protect their modesty – are now heading home from Australia after winning The Ashes and the Test Series for England.

The three international players, who unfortunately are all off the dating market, agreed to take their clothes off to encourage men to
check for signs and symptoms of prostate and testicular cancer for charity Everyman.

Though Alastair, 26, found the experience ‘scary,’ Stuart, 24, was more comfortable with the shoot.

‘I think it’s great and I’m pleased I have these guys to banter with,’ he said.

‘Male cancer is such an important issue to raise awareness of, so I
didn’t think twice about getting involved – and I’d do it again, given
the chance.’

When quizzed about their favourite part of a woman’s body, cutie James, 28, showed his softer side.

‘I love women’s backs, but I’m a married man,’ he explained, ‘so it would have to be my wife’s back.’


Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Esme Riley