St Patrick’s Day is upon us so let’s celebrate!

It’s only blimmin’ St Patrick’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than feasting your eyes on these beautiful Irish men.

Yup, for all those people who aren’t lucky enough to be bar-crawling it around Dublin on this fine March day, we’ve rounded up our top 11 famous Irish males, just to make your Thursday that little bit more bearable.

Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at these photos and drool!

1.   Jamie Dornan

Oh c’mon, Fifty Shades of Grey hotty Jamie certainly tops the charts. Those dark eyes and that rough beard. Oh AND that Irish accent. It is quite simply, music to our ears.

Jamie Dornan shirtless gif


2.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Oh Jonathan. You are SUCH a beauty. Thankfully, the hot Irish-man has been the face of Hugo Boss fragrances for several years so we’ve been blessed with the image of his sexy  face on various billboards and signs. Phew.

He’s also appeared in various chart-topping films including Mission Impossible 3, Bend It Like Beckham and Velvet Goldmine.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers


3.  Jack Reynor

Oh Em Gee, someone call the fire brigade because it just got HAWT in here. Transformers actor Jack is such a hotty.

‘Scuse us whilst we go and cry…

Jack Reynor

4.  Michael Fassbender

Michael may technically be German-Irish but who cares? He’s hot, hot, hot!

Michael Fassbender Hottest Irish celebrity men

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5.   Allen Leech

Downton Abbey star Allen manages to fit the bill of adorable AND hot. Erm, wanna take our number Allen?

Allen Leech


6.  Niall Horan

Whenever there’s a hot man chart, you can rest-assured that at least one member of One Direction will make an appearance. In this case it’s cutie-pie Niall who quite literally melts our hearts.

[GIF] Niall Horan The Late Late Show

7.  Kian Egan

Who’d have thought that a Westlife lad would make it onto our top 11? But on a serious note, no-one can deny the days when Kian was plastered over their bedroom walls. Not only can he sing, he also plays the piano, drums AND guitar. Nice.

8.   Colin Farrell

Irish actor Colin doesn’t really require an introduction. This pic says it all…

Colin Farrell Hottest Irish celebrity men

9.   Pierce Brosnan

The silver fox of fit celebrity Irish men, 61-year-old Pierce looks flippin’ good for his age. He might not be James Bond anymore but he’ll always be our hero!

10. Paddy McGuinness

What’s not to love about one of TV’s funniest fellas? Dark-haired Paddy is cute and comedic AND he’s married to Christine Martin, only like THE hottest woman ever. Let the Guinness see the glass…

Paddy McGuinness

11. Devon Murray

When he played Seamus Finnigan in the Harry Potter series, Devon didn’t really catch our eye. Now though, as a 27-year-old man, he’s mega cute.

Devon Murray

Oh, and as a special bonus treat…here’s a hot pic of Poldark’s very own Aidan Turner. Yummy!

Aidan Turner as Poldark
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