We thought Brendan Cole's family life couldn't get cuter – until we saw this pic of his one-year-old daughter watching him on Strictly

Brendan Cole – we love you.

We love your dancing, we love your face and we loooove your recent Twitter pics.

Far from being the ‘bad boy of ballroom’, Brendan‘s Twitter is filled with the most adorable family snaps we’ve ever seen – including a recent pic of his one-year-old daughter Aurelia.

As if the little blonde bundle of loveliness isn’t cute enough already, she’s now been pictured pirouetting along in front of the telly as dad Brendan, 38, danced on last week’s Strictly.

Brendan‘s wife Zoe posted a photo of Aurelia practising her ballet moves by the TV in the Cole family home, while its playing a recent episode of the show.

She added the caption: ‘Watching Daddy whilst trying her Ballet moves! @BrendanCole Think she thinks all Daddies are on the TV ;)’

Brendan retweeted the message saying the picture had given him ‘the biggest smile’ and added the comment: ‘That’s my little girl right there!!! #ProudDaddy’

She may have only just started walking, but we reckon she’ll be dancing with daddy before we know it.

Brendan opened up about family life with Aurelia and model wife Zoe, who he married in 2010.

‘Parenting does change you,’ Brendan said. ‘All the focus goes to the child and obviously my wife.

‘It’s a very different Strictly experience. [Last year was] the 11th series I have done but never before have I been getting up early making bottles, changing nappies and then going off to train. I’ve even been getting up two hours before I have to leave so I can spend some time with [Aurelia].’

But however hectic his schedule has become, Brendan wouldn’t change a thing.

‘She’s just so precious,’ he recently said about his only daughter. ‘You can’t believe this little thing is yours to look after forever.’

Brendan is currently dancing on this year’s Strictly with actress Sunetra Sarker. Last week, the pair danced the salsa and Brendan suffered an embarrassing on-stage moment when he split his trousers.

He told his Twitter followers:
Unfortunately, the wardrobe malfunction is not featured on his Twitter page – but it’s still worth a look to bare witness to the real life of ‘ballroom bad boy’ come cutest dad ever.

Just in case you didn’t hear us the first time Brendan – we love you.

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