After Zayn Malik's worrying dash home, the group are under alot of pressure with the One Direction tour

Tour is supposed to be an exciting experience – travelling with your best mates, performing in different countries around the globe, eating Chinese every evening because your mum isn’t there to nag at your (non-existent) vitamin intake. However, for One Direction, it hasn’t all been a pretty picnic.

Last week, Zayn Malik pulled out of the tour and returned home from Thailand to console girlfriend Perrie Edwards, after he was pictured holding hands and partying with a blonde backpacker. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Louis Tomlinson and long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder split up – he was soon after spotted getting cosy with another mystery girl in Bangkok. Oh. Dear.

So what are the boys doing to cope with these emotional rollercoasters and pressures of tour? Well, it looks like Harry Styles has been taking advantage of his spiritual surroundings and has been spending most of his time doing (wait for it)…yoga. Yes, really. A source told The Sun, ‘He’s been meditating and doing yoga in Thailand and also spent time wandering around markets to soak up the culture.’ Just picturing Hazza in leggings and a sweatband is enough to make fully content on a Tuesday morning.

The boys have also received amazing support from their families, with both Harry and Louis’ sisters, Gemma Styles and Lottie Tomlinson, joining them on tour. And, we can imagine after all the drama surrounding Louis’ breakup, it must be good for him to have his sister there to beat him at X-Box, listen to sad guitar songs and eat Pringles (because that’s what boys need after break ups, right?). ‘Lottie has always been close to Louis, so it’s great for him to have her while on the road’ a source told The Mirror. ‘It’s been a tough time for him and Lottie – who was also close to Eleanor – understands him better than anyone.’ N’awwww.

Meanwhile, Liam Payne has been trying to avoid all the drama by trying to prove to the world he’s still madly in love with girlfriend Sophia Smith. Posting a picture of his girl on Twitter, he captioned it with ‘I really miss you’. It’s okay Liam, we believe you. Just avoid mystery blondes at all costs okay?

In other news, Niall Horan is just being his cute little blonde self. Stay classy, Ni.

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