Heard the gossip? Beth Ditto's dropped five dress sizes


She was the poster girl for the bigger woman way before Adele came on the scene.

But it seems even Beth Ditto‘s succumbed to the pressure to be skinnier – just like every BTB (that’s bride-to-be).

The Gossip singer showcased her new slimmer figure at the GLAAD Awards in LA last week with her fianceé Kristen Ogata, who she’s due to marry in Hawaii in June.

In a tight black dress Beth, 32, looked smaller than we’ve ever seen her.

Nutritionist and celebrity fitness expert Nicki Waterman estimates she’s lost a staggering 4st and dropped five dress sizes, going from a 28 to an 18.

Beth appears to be pleased with the results after taking almost a year to lose the weight through healthy eating.

Nicki tells Now: ‘Beth looks as though she’s taken things slowly and dropped the pounds by cutting out the junk in her diet.

‘It’s likely the driving force was getting in shape for her wedding.’

In the past, Beth‘s spoken about being insecure over her body.

‘I’m not pleased with my looks, especially my weight – I’m 5ft 2in, but I weigh 17st 2lb,’ she said.

Referring to jibes about her size, she confessed: ‘I was able to defend myself by joking around.

‘But sometimes it’s been painful and hurt my feelings.

‘I didn’t let it show. I was always cheerful. That’s the way we fat people are – if we’re not grinning all the time, we’d probably be totally frustrated.’

Beth‘s always been an advocate for bigger women in the public eye.

‘I think it’s really cool there are people like Adele on the cover of Vogue,’ she said.

Read more about Beth Ditto in Now magazine dated 6 May 2013 – out now! 


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